Dear Diary,

My name is Brian and I'm from Pennsylvania. My mother has always dressed me like a girl, but I've tried not to let that bother me too much. I've even managed to figure out how to use the internet! I'm going to go away now to paint my nails and catch up on some back issues of Tiger Beat. Don't let anyone find out my little secret!

News & Updates

2/29/2008Found out a boy in my class has a crush on me! ^_^
1/27/2008My mom told me I'm not really their son. They actually found me in a Walmart parking lot back in the 80s.
1/20/2008Got fired from McDonald's today.
12/30/2007I got a new job at McDonald's! I'm in charge of making the apple pies. My mom says that someday, I might get to work the cash register if I learn to stop picking my nose... except the manager says that they don't let the uggos talk to customers. I don't think my pink dresses are ugly at all.

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A. Dragonball 12/2/2007
B. Dragonball Z 12/6/2007
C. Dragonball GT 12/2/2007
D. Majin Vegeta 12/30/2007
E. Oozaru 12/22/2007
F. SSJ4 Goku 1/21/2008
G. SHENRON 1/21/2008
H. Dragon Fist 1/27/2008
I. Tien 1/31/2008
J. Vegeta Badman 2/1/2008
K. Gohan 2/1/2008
L. PAN 1/20/2008
M. Cowboy Bebop 12/2/2007
N. Cowboy Bebop - Genga 1/6/2008
O. Trigun 12/30/2007
P. Yu Yu Hakusho 12/2/2007
Q. Afro Samurai 12/26/2007
R. The Oblongs! 11/24/2007
S. DBZ Figures 12/2/2007
T. Fan Cel 12/2/2007
U. Spike Spiegel 2/6/2008
V. Golden Boy 2/29/2008

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